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The Alex Blaikie Montessori is a privately owned Pre-School, providing a multicultural, stimulating learning environment, committed to the advancement of all children whose parents share our vision.

We are Montessori orientated offering a 3/4 day with aftercare. We are dedicated to promoting quality Montessori education for children from age 2 – 6yrs, although we do consider younger children on an individual basis. Classes are age integrated and offer our precious children a calm, nurturing environment, where they are at liberty to develop their full potential.

Montessori is an approach to early education that focuses on the immense capacity of children to absorb information when given the freedom and independence to learn at their own pace, and takes into account how children’s thought processes differ from those of adults.

Her insight and approach to child development have been enormously influential all over the world, both through what has become the Montessori movement and through mainstream education, which has gradually accepted many of her practices.
It is now over 100 years since the first Montessori school was established in a slum area of Rome in 1907, and yet we find that the approach fulfills the needs of children in the 21st Century.

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