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It is here at Airlie that the foundations are laid to ensure a successful transition into formal schooling. This is achieved by opening up the wonderful world of learning to your child. It is during this phase of your child's life where they will acquire knowledge, skills, values and attitudes that allow them to become confident and independent thinkers.

History and Ethos
Airlie Country Preschool was established in 1977. The school is able to provide your child with a nurturing learner/educator relationship, where they can experience individual attention and become active participants in the spirit and ethos of the school. The classes are small which enables a close personal relationship with daily communication between teachers and parents.

Airlie Country Pre-School provides an environment that is healthy, safe and secure. Airlie Country Pre-School continuously strives to ensure that its staff and facilities are first class in terms of health, safety and security, and provides the highest possible level of care for the precious children that are entrusted into our care.

Children Health at Airlie
Airlie Country Pre-School’s has a multi-faceted program that provides a healthy school environment. This program includes the following:
All staff at Airlie are first aid trained and this training is kept current via regular refreshers courses.
The staff first aid training is supplemented by a medical response service that attends to any needs at Airlie within 6 minutes.
Cleanliness is taken very seriously at Airlie at the full time cleaning staff work very hard to ensure that the school is always clean and hygienic.
During each school holiday closure the classrooms are deep cleaned and all the toys, equipment are sterilised and carpets are steam cleaned.
Within the open play area there is a large sandpit which is regularly treated with salt crystals.

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