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Lollypopz is a very successful child care facility that was established in 2001. It was taken over in
September 2006 by Mrs. Candice-Lee Dennis who has two children of her own, and adopts a very
"hands on" approach with every aspect of running the school.

Over the past nine years Lollypopz has expanded tremendously, and has grown from strength to strength, earning an outstanding reputation in the Glenwood community. We launched our RECEPTION UNIT (Grade R) in 2010, and pride ourselves on ensuring that the children who graduate from Lollypopz are well prepared for their formal schooling career when they reach Grade One in Primary School.

- Operating hours are from 6:30am – 5:30pm.
- All meals are prepared by our Cook who has achieved skills in professional cookery.
- All age groups are kept separate to one another.
- All age groups function independently with their own Daily Routines.
- We follow a fantastic school curriculum which is of a very high standard.
- Lollypopz is open over normal school holidays.
- Lollypopz only closes once a year for a period of 3 weeks over the December Festive Season.
- Lollypopz offers a variety of extra mural activities, for children aged 2 – 6 years.
- A full time Teacher AND Assistant is employed for EVERY age group.
- Air-conditioned classrooms during those hot summer months.

Our staff are experienced, trained and qualified in their fields - but more importantly they have a heart for children! We are committed to the children we care for and the families we serve. At Lollypopz we are PROUD, PROFESSIONAL and PASSIONATE about what we do, striving towards excellence, as we endeavor to achieve and maintain THE HIGHEST STANDARD OF CARE!

All prospective parents are interviewed personally, shown around the school and introduced to the Lollypopz staff.

Please contact Angela at the school office (031 206 1375) if you would like to make an appointment to meet with Candice.

Lollypopz Creche
(Babies & Toddlers aged 3-36 months)
395 Esther Roberts Rd, Glenwood
Tel: 031-206 2945

Lollypopz Pre-School
(Grade 000 & Grade 00; Ages 3-5 years)
448 Esther Roberts, Glenwood
Tel: 031-205 6537

Lollypopz Pre-Primary
(The Reception Year; Grade 0/R; Age 5-6 years)
452 Esther Roberts, Glenwood
Tel: 031-206 1375

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