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Our slogan "Hearts that love are always in bloom." reflects our approach to childcare & education.

At Little Bumble Beez we strive to provide the best Pre-primary Education for our Kids in a Happy, Healthy, Loving, Caring, and Safe Environment.

Little Bumble Beez Lessons are presented in English & Afrikaans

The goal is to lead children to think for themselves and become actively engaged in the learning process.

Rather than give children the right answers, I tend to ask the right questions and guide them into discovering the answers for themselves. Learning becomes its own reward, and each success fuels a desire to discover even more.

Little Bumble Beez's education is learner-centered where the pace and ability of the learner is acknowledged. Learning happens in different speeds with each learner and care is taken to enrich
those who learn faster and extra care is taken with those who take a little longer.

Little Bumble Beez education is Non biased and all children are treated as each others equals.

Address: 28 Essex Drive / Street

Little Bumble Beez
Cell: 082-856-6048

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