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We strive to provide classrooms that are a safe haven for learners through a measure of routine and structure. We encourage parents to become involved in learners activities and progress by helping their children with these because children at preschool age are still very attached to the parents. Our learners are divided into same age classes to feel secure. Learners still learn by using their bodies, they have to play. Learners still have a lot to discover about their own language this can only be done if they are encouraged to laugh, talk and sing rather than to sit quietly with their lips tightly closed. Additional languages are introduced in fun activities by creating this type of environment we strive to be ready as a preschool for our learners resulting in a team effort by assisting the learner also to be ready for school. Our aim is to achieve the highest possible standard of preschool education by employing qualified and experienced staff with on-going training, research and commitment.

171 Murray St
Vasco Estate



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