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Greenpark Nursery School is a loving, caring nursery school devoted to the education of young children, preparing them well for moving on to primary school, and giving them a solid foundation on which to grow into well adjusted adults. The school has been running for over 50 years and is a fully fledged, custom-built school.

The school started out as the Victory Park Play School and then becoming a fully fledged, custom built pre-primary school
Greenpark Nursery School is a NFPO – an incorporated association not for gain
Any profit made during the year is re-invested into maintaining and upgrading the school
A Management Committee made up of current parents runs the business side of the school
The accounts are maintained by the treasurer, a qualified accountant, and the books are audited annually
Many parents at the school were themselves pupils at Greenpark and still reside locally
Greenpark was the first local nursery school to accept children of all colours and creeds, even before this was a thought of or approved practice

Outings, In-school visits, Entertainment & Extra curricular activities
The children at Greenpark are often treated to exciting outings, such as:

Trips to local places of interest to coincide with themes
A visit to the library for story time
A weathervane hunt
Outings to children’s music and ballet concerts
A visit to the Planetarium
Hospital visits

There are also visits from outside professionals to both educate and entertain.
Some of our favourites include:

Puppet shows and children’s theatre productions
Farmyard and zoo visits
Classical music appreciation shows
Bread and pizza making

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